What is Invisalign? What Happens During the Invisalign Treatment Process?

If you’re not into traditional braces, the most popular solution to straightening your teeth is Invisalign (clear aligner). The aligners are practically invisible and use SmartForce technology to gradually snap the teeth into place. Many celebrities use and approve of this orthodontic way of working.

After you decide to have Invisalign treatment, your teeth will usually be scanned with a device at the first appointment. It makes a precise 3D representation of your teeth. A treatment plan can also be planned immediately.

Some dentists and orthodontists like to make impressions of the mouth, but this is not a requirement for Invisalign. However, some X-rays should be taken to make sure your teeth, roots, and jawbone are healthy and ready for straightening treatment.

Photos of your mouth are taken. The lab requires 8, including full-face ones. The bite registration is another element of this consultation. A fast-setting paste is applied to the teeth and your bite lightly. The dentist keeps a complete record of how your upper and lower teeth fit together. After these procedures, it’s time to decide which package you need for your Invisalign treatment.

Invisalign Full

This package is suitable for even the most complex situations. The full option provides considerable flexibility and control over treatment: it has an unlimited number of trays. In addition, treatment can continue until you are satisfied with the result. This is because refinement is included in this package.

Invisalign Young

This pack is recommended for young adults whose teeth are still moving. Scrolling can be controlled and root growth direction can be directed. As with the full option, there is an unlimited number of trays. Treatment can be continued until the desired result is achieved.

Moreover, with the hectic life of a teenager, the plates can break or disappear. Invisalign Teen includes six complimentary aligners if this happens. Pediatric dentistry also requires some form of parental guidance. These trays have a blue indicator that indicates if the plates are sufficiently installed.

Invisalign Express

If your problems are minor, you can choose this option, which is more affordable. Targets those with minor or few vacancy issues. Only 10 trays are included in this package. Most of the time, this treatment is not enough, your doctor may offer an additional treatment package during this process.

To find the most suitable treatment method for you and to get straight teeth instantly, make an appointment with our clinic and come to the examination.