Transparent Plaque Treatment Instead of Braces: Aesthetic and Comfortable

Transparent plaque treatment, which has been popularly preferred over braces in recent times, is one of the latest technologies applied in orthodontic-based treatments. This method is a wireless orthodontic treatment that fixes teeth with transparent plaques (aligners) specially produced for patients. The most important reason for choosing clear aligner treatment is that it is not hidden that orthodontic treatment is done while correcting the contraction of the teeth. In other words, thanks to the transparent plates, the aesthetic appearance does not deteriorate. Transparent plaques are produced in series according to the desired movement positions of the teeth. Each plate creates an average of 0.5 mm or 1 mm of movement. The dentist takes the measurements from your mouth. These measurements will be transferred to the computer environment by the 3D scanning method called the CAD-CAM system. Virtual teeth are easily seen with computer simulation.  

Transparent plaque treatment is a treatment method that can be easily applied to both young children and adults. Compliance with clear aligner treatment will be finalized only after the dentist’s examination. With clear plaque treatment, mild to moderate tooth irregularities are eliminated. A possible orthodontic treatment that may require tooth extraction cannot be treated with clear aligners. As technology advances and develops, clear plaque treatment will become applicable for treatments that will require tooth extraction. The biggest advantage of this treatment is that it does not adversely affect daily life in any way. Since it is invisible and removable and specially produced for the person, there is no aesthetic concern during the treatment. This method does not disturb the teeth or gums in any way. Because this treatment is done using non-metal soft platelets. 

Transparent Plaque Instead of Braces

Braces treatment is a treatment that repairs position problems in teeth such as crowding, curvature, and dislocations. For more than 40 years, braces treatment has been done with metals called braces. Although these metal-based brackets bring the teeth to the desired level, they reduce the aesthetic image area. For this reason, experts tried to find a similar result with this metal-based method with systems that could be aesthetically more minimally obvious, and thus they introduced the transparent braces. Transparent plaque application is a convenient and comfortable orthodontic treatment. The most effective advantage is that it can be easily removed and installed. In normal braces treatments, food easily escapes between the teeth while eating, and this can cause a problem during cleaning. This is not the case in the transparent plate application. It can be taken off during meals as it can be easily removed and put on. For this reason, clear plaque is more preferred than braces. In addition to these, it also prevents the deterioration of the aesthetic appearance. 

What is Transparent Plaque?

Clear aligner treatment is a wireless orthodontic treatment that uses newly developed digital orthodontic technology. Thanks to the specially designed transparent plaques (aligners), misaligned teeth can be easily corrected and the transparent plaque can be removed from the mouth at any time. The most important reason why many people prefer this orthodontic treatment is that the soft platelets in the mouth cannot be seen from the outside. Before clear aligner treatment, the result of the treatment can be seen in a 3D virtual environment. 

How is it prepared?

While preparing for the treatment, first of all, X-rays and photographs of the patients are taken and their teeth are measured. Application planning is made under this data. The measurements taken are sent to the laboratories for the preparation of transparent plates. Dental measurements in the laboratory will be read with optical-based readers and transferred to the computer environment in this way. However, if the dentist deems necessary, he can make corrections in the computer environment and take measures in a short time. The first clear plate will be printed on the new gauge. In the next step, the teeth are slightly straightened to provide a new dimension and a new plate can be printed. These applications will continue until the teeth are fully corrected and depending on the first defect of the tooth, 15 to 20 transparent plaques can be obtained.

Braces or Transparent Plaque?

The question of whether it is braces or clear plaque has been very curious recently. For this, it is necessary to look at the differences between braces and clear plaque:

Normal braces are much more noticeable in the mouth than transparent plaque.

Clear aligners can stain much more easily than braces.

Transparent plaques are more durable than braces.

Due to the structure of the transparent plaque, it is suitable for dental caries compared to braces.

The price of transparent dental plaque is higher than braces. 

Braces apply a much stronger force to the teeth than clear aligners. This helps the teeth to reach the desired position more quickly.

The treatment flow in the braces can be observed more easily than the transparent aligners.

For those who are obsessed with aesthetics, absolutely transparent plaques are much more advantageous. Because of this advantage, transparent mold is preferred instead of braces.