Invisible Aligners Reviews:

The wrong bite not only negatively affects the appearance of its owner but can also lead to a whole host of negative consequences. It increases the chewing load on the teeth, leads to their early destruction, causes problems with the digestive system due to insufficient chewing of food, formation of caries, difficulty in swallowing, facial asymmetry due to dislocation of the jaw. Fortunately, in the arsenal of modern medicine, there are reliable ways to combat this unpleasant phenomenon.

The article will review the reviews on Invisalign apps. They are removable orthodontic structures, a series of veneers on the tooth and designed to align. These devices are made of transparent biopolymers. This material is allowed to wear a mouthpiece completely unnoticed by others. Invisalign selectors are also called clear braces, but braces are actually a fixed type of orthodontic appliance in which the dentition is attached with a special glue to the inner or outer surface of the tooth and attached without removing it for the entire treatment period.

Remove brackets can only be a doctor. It is thought that the patient’s mouth guards can easily be taken on their own for meals and hygiene procedures in the oral cavity. Feedback on Invisalign will be provided at the end of the article.

Features of orthodontic construction

Invisalign aligners (from English – “invisible alignment”) are new, but in a short time, they managed to become quite popular. This is a special system for straightening teeth with the help of removable transparent caps. This product was developed by the American company Align Technology, which is considered a monopoly in the field of application of this corrective dental method. When wearing a mouth guard, they exert a light but constant pressure on the teeth as a result of the teeth moving in the desired direction and the row aligning. Feedback on Invisalign liners is mostly positive.

After a certain time, the cover is replaced with a new one, which has an internal cavity slightly smaller than the previous one. Unlike aligners manufactured by other companies, Invisalign devices have active attachments that allow you to securely fix these orthodontic appliances in the oral cavity. In addition, the manufacture of such systems is fully automated, since they are made by robots, and people only control the functionality of the machines, so the errors during the manufacture of such devices are minimal. For the production of other models, more and more people are involved, which directly affects their quality. For the manufacture of aligners of this brand, a durable and simultaneously elastic biopolymer is used, which has no analogs. In this way, Unlike others, you can make Invisalign transparent braces that fit comfortably on dentures where the system does not break or fall out. In most cases, these types of headgear have a flat edge and Invisalign systems cut them so that the aligners completely repeat the shape of the gums and do not put pressure on them when worn.

Many parents fear that the child will not want to wear such an orthodontic structure for the required period of time, and such therapeutic measures will not make sense. Unlike other alignment manufacturers, the company Align Technology produces a tray with a special indicator for teenagers that changes color if the child wears the device for one hour a day, which is not enough. According to reviews, Invisalign is very comfortable and effective.

Advantages of transparent aligners

Clear Invisalign aligners are the best alternative to braces and have the following advantages.

  • Aesthetic. The orthodontic system is invisible to others, so its use is not accompanied by any psychological discomfort. In addition, if the patient is still shy, at any time, for example, before an important meeting, he can remove his mouthpiece by himself and after that insert the orthodontic device itself into his mouth. Despite the fact that there is no special need for this, the aligners are completely invisible on the teeth, do not violate diction, and in the process of wearing them there is no need to follow a special diet, since the structure must be removed when eating. The only limitation is that during the period of orthodontic treatment it is contraindicated to use gum as it can stick to the alignments.
  • Kappa does not harm the oral mucosa. They are very flexible and fit snugly to the dental nail, therefore, as a rule, they do not cause discomfort to the patient when wearing. Reviews of Invisalign liners confirm this.
  • During treatment, it is not necessary to use additional devices for oral hygiene: brushes, special brushes, irritants, if necessary to clean the teeth, mouth guards remove and brush the teeth in the usual way.
  • The systems are made of hypoallergenic materials.
  • Invisalign aligners and dental guards can be removed while brushing your teeth and meals.
  • With the help of high efficiency Aligners, minor occlusion anomalies can be corrected quickly.
  • Kappa “nvisalign” is not painted. It is very easy to take care of them – it is enough to immerse the devices in a solution recommended by the manufacturer. What are the other advantages of the Invisalign head?
  • You don’t need to spend much time in the dental chair.
  • With this structure, the possibility of medical error is minimized during therapy. The aligners affect the roots of the teeth and the dentin very carefully, if the medical professional has correctly calculated the trajectory of the dentist’s movement, the treatment course cannot be disturbed. Invisalign interests prices are very high.

Design cons

There are practically no disadvantages of such orthodontic products, but the main disadvantage of Invisalign aligners is that they cannot be used during the period of tooth replacement. In other words, these orthodontic appliances can be prescribed only in adolescence, when children’s teeth fall out. Some patients also feel that the high cost of aligners has made this a major barrier to their gain, which for many people considers a disadvantage of this model according to Invisalign’s reviews.