Although all the phrases in the title actually mean the same thing, there is a reason why different words are used. In fact, there is no fully established word group that we can express in Turkish for this type of orthodontic treatment, or it is just forming.

If we think that the word ‘Align’  means ordering, aligning in Turkish,  it would not be wrong to say that these appliances, known as ‘Aligners’  , are appliances that line the teeth. In fact, the only thing they have in common is that there are no wires in any of them. For this reason, the  expression of wireless orthodontics  can be the common denominator of all these concepts.

Although Invisalign  is the generic name of a brand that we perform such treatments, it can also be used as the common name of these treatments today.

The  words ‘Transparent Apparatus’  or  ‘Transparent Plaque’ may be the best choices we use to describe these treatments in Turkish.

In recent years, treatment demands have started to shift to wireless orthodontics to a considerable extent. There are several reasons for this. The absence of a wire image is a good option for people who have given up on orthodontic treatment just for this reason. This brings with it a very high demand. If you have always preferred to stay away from orthodontic treatments due to the wire appearance, transparent appliance treatments may be a good option for you.

How can teeth move without braces?

In this technique, the transparent thermoplastic material that wraps the teeth all around and grips the teeth and provides a full compliance with the teeth and is carried in the mouth for 22 hours a day. With fully computer-aided applications, these thermoplastic molds allow the teeth to move within certain biological limits. Thus, when the person wears a plaque, the related teeth are forced to move within the orthodontic limits, and after a certain period of time, the related teeth move to the desired extent and are displaced. After the small amount of movement on a plate is finished, the same movement planning continues with a new plate.  

Can I see the result of the treatment before I start the treatment?

Transparent plaques or Transparent appliances (aligners) are actually advanced technology products. In a production process, which is completely designed using 3D, that is, three-dimensional computer technologies, the movements of the teeth in the mouth and ultimately the treated tooth relations are planned in a computer environment with the help of a simulation. In our clinic, this planning is done by our orthodontists.

According to the finished treatment, all tooth movements are gradually calculated by computers and the necessary instructions for the production of a plaque are determined for each stage. Here, a situation that is not found in other treatment models is that both the team and the patient can see the treatment result before starting the treatment. Even if it is an animation or a photograph of a simulation, illuminating information about the treatment result can be obtained.

Are Aligner – Transparent Appliance treatments safe?

The history of aligner treatments is naturally not as old as traditional orthodontic methods. Because it is a technology product and as technology develops, these methods have developed and are developing rapidly. The thing that must be kept in mind is that both orthodontic treatments with transparent appliance treatments and orthodontic treatments traditionally made with wires are fed from the same scientific source, namely orthodontic science.

Although the methods or the materials that everyone sees are different, transparent appliances are built on the classical orthodontic knowledge (science) with a scientific history of centuries. In other words, the principles of orthodontics and orthodontic treatment are unique and the same for both methods. Only the materials and the way of application of the materials differ. In essence, both wire treatments and plaque treatments have to observe ‘biological’ limits at the first stage. The sensitive issue here is that both techniques should be preferred by specialists who have received orthodontic training.

From this point of view, transparent appliance treatments are as reliable as traditional orthodontic treatments. It is vital that the treatment boundaries are drawn very well here. It is a necessity to choose the right treatment method according to the treatment conditions of the patient. In other words, it is a necessity to treat orthodontic disorders that are difficult or impossible to treat with a transparent appliance with classical braces methods, and to construct only suitable cases on a transparent appliance. Here, our orthodontist will give you the most accurate and reliable information.

What are the conditions for Aligner – Transparent Appliance treatments?

No matter how advanced technology advances, the limits of transparent appliance treatments determine the rules to be followed. In these treatments, you must first develop a good motivation and discipline. Because even if it is your doctor who directs the treatment, you are the practitioner himself.

As it can be understood, the basis of plaque treatment is the time of insertion of the plaque. In today’s conditions, the generally recommended ideal time is 22 hours a day. As much as you fall below this time, your treatment will be disrupted and your plates will face compatibility problems.

The second important issue is that the plaques should be controlled during the treatment. Although a plate change is required every 15 days, your doctor constantly checks for plate compliance and performs supportive procedures. In other words, your treatment should be constantly monitored by your orthodontist. In other words, there is no automatic treatment method such as I will take the plates collectively and change them in order. You should definitely follow your appointments for interim checks. In other words, we can specify this as the second condition.