What are Overdentures?


Alternative Solution For Multiple or Complete Tooth Loss

Overdentures are a type of replacement teeth that dental implants retain. Overdentures have been designed to help fully and partial edentulous patients recover their quality of life, and that most likely is something that has been missing ever since their teeth were lost.


  • Permanent solution
  • Improved chewing and speaking
  • Natural function and look
  • Improved facial appearance
  • Prevention of bone loss
  • No special care required
  • Very sturdy and secure
  • No diet restrictions
  • Can be changed or updated


Better Digestion Is Promoted:

Poor fitting dentures frequently are held in place by using adhesives. Dental implants are utilized by overdentures, to make them more stable compared to adhesives. Improved stability enables you to more thoroughly chew your food, which helps the stomach more efficiently break down food, and absorb a higher amount of nutrients.

Bone Loss Is Slowed Down By Stimulating Bone Inside Your Jaw:

If your dental implants or remaining natural teeth are retaining your overdenture, it continues to stimulate the jaw one whenever you are eating and chewing. The stimulation stops or slows the process of resorption (shrinkage) that is natural whenever there are missing teeth.

Helps To Retain Facial Structure And Features:

The natural resorption (shrinkage) process occurs whenever you have an under-stimulated or unhealthy jaw due to missing teeth can, over time, cause there to be a reduced distance between your chin and nose. The shrinking can cause your face to look prematurely aged and "sunken-in."

Dentures That Are Worn On The Lower And Upper Jaw Are A Lot More Comfortable:

Whenever implants retain your overdenture it fits in a more secure way than one that held in by adhesives only. The fit increases the overdenture's stability which reduces or eliminates unnecessary movement during talking or chewing. That reduces the instances of embarrassing dislodgement and sores.

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Overdentures are designed to help both fully and partial edentulous patients to regain their lost quality of life. Overdentures come in three different types:

Gum Supported, Implant-Retained:

The overdenture with this treatment directly rests on your gums and the implants placed into your lower and/or upper jaws retain it. An overdenture is removable, and is secured to implants via retentive attachment that are incorporated into your denture. Currently, tissue supported implant-retained dentures are recognized for fully endentulous patients as the minimum level standard of care.

Implant Supported, Bar-Retained:

The overdenture with this treatment engages retentive attachments onto a metal bar which connects with the implants that are placed into your lower and/or upper jaw. The removable overdenture is secured onto the bar via attachments that are directly fabricated into your dentures.

Implanted, Fixed Supported:

The bar and overdenture with this treatment are a single-piece framework that is secure through the use of screws to implants that are placed into your lower and/or upper jaw. Only a Dental Clinician can remove the overdenture and it most resembles natural teeth since flanges do not rest on your gums.

Am I A Good Candidate?

Our Dentists are the only ones who can recommend what the best treatment is for replacing your missing teeth. Due to advancements in clinical techniques and dental implant technology, many people are candidates now for implant-retained overdentures.


Reasons To Choose Overdentures

The option of overdentures is something that can provide a full menu of benefits above and beyond what conventional dentures may offer. Though many of these positive attributes are cosmetic in nature, they can bring a new level of happiness and enjoyment to the life of any patient.

Enjoying A Range Of Foods

The use of adhesive products to hold traditional dentures in place can make eating food that is particularly chewy quite difficult indeed. Overdentures that are implaint-retained have the potential to solve this dilemma and allow patients to eat all of the nutrient-dense foods they have always enjoyed. Implant-retained overdentures facilitate full and proper chewing of foods, making digestive processes more effective. Nutrient absorption is therefore increased, adding to overall health.

Boost In Self Esteem

Wearing overdentures is a great way to halt facial contour deterioration brought about by the loss of teeth. Ensuring that bone remains living and stimulated is essential to preventing resorption of jawbone. Even better, given that overdentures are secured via implants, there is no need for concern about dislodgement or movement.

HOORAY, No More Adhesives !

Though some folks tend not to mind having to use adhesives to keep dentures in place, others find that these products never really work as well as advertised. Traditional dentures held in place with typical adhesives are always at risk for dislodgement. Adhesive products can impact the flavors of foods and simply make for a messy situation altogether. Implant-retained overdentures require no adhesives, making them a convenient, mess-free and comfortable option for all.

Keeping Bone Loss At Bay

Overdentures held in place via implants utilize high-quality titanium posts designed to grow into the surrounding bone. This osseo integration keeps the jaw healthy and stops the bone shrinkage that happens after the loss of a tooth. Traditional dentures run the risk of speeding bone loss because there is constant pressure on the gums when food is chewed.

Better, Happier Life

Living with overdentures that are implant-retained is characterized by increased functionality, comfort and confidence. Improvements in speech and eating are often observed, making them the obvious treatment option for many.

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