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Thinking About Dental Crowns ?

We understand. Visiting the dentist is probably not your favorite part of the month, week, or day. It isn't a secret - it takes time away from your busy day, you are told to brush and floss, and we poke around inside of your mouth. Our goal here at Family Dentistry of South Florida is to always give you effective and fast treatment so that you don't have to worry about your teeth and can get on with your busy life. That is why we have introduced CERC same-day crowns at our practice because they provide our patients with the most value for their precious time!

What is CEREC?

CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. This unique CAM/CAD system allows us to provide you with tooth restorations and crowns in just hours, instead of weeks.

Remember how it was to have a crown placed using the traditional method? You would have to go to the dentist office where they would get our tooth prepared for receiving a crown. You would have to wait then for the impression to be taken. Then a temporary crown would be placed on the toot and you would go home for a couple of weeks while your crown was being fashioned. Finally, you would go back to the dentist office and the temporary crown would be removed and then the permanent one would be placed. This all took a lot of effort and time without CEREC.

With CEREC technology we can now skip all of that waiting time and provide you with reliable restorations like crowns or dental bridges, etc. immediately.

Getting Same-Day Crowns

How does CEREC work?

You will be very pleasantly surprised when you visit our dentist office to get a CEREC same-day crown placed.

The initial step is taking digital impressions of your teeth using the CEREC intraoral camera. Digital impressions are basically 3D images of your teeth. There are no gooey agents applied; only a quick scan using an intraoral camera and then we can start to prepare your crown at our dental office.

Then we can start preparing the tooth that is going to receive the crown. We will remove any unstable or broken parts of the tooth so that the crown will be able to fit over the top of your tooth. As we are preparing your tooth, a CAM machine works to interpret and create a precise replica of the tooth. Once the crown is finished and your tooth is prepared to receive it, the crown can be placed and your restoration can be finalized. It is that easy!

To have a CEREC same-day crown placed at our office only takes around two hours and we are sure you will be very happy with the results. There is no metal contained in CEREC crowns.

Same-day crowns are not available everywhere. We passed rigorous certifications and training to qualify to offer this valuable and unique procedure to all of our patients.

CEREC same-day crowns provide many advantages, including the following:

- Safe
- Natural feeling
- Fast
- No metal
- Durable
- Long lasting
- Tooth colored restorations

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