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Oral Cancer Screening

The ADA (American Dental Association) suggests that everyone should be having their teeth professionally examined and cleaned at least every 6 months. Here at Family Dentistry of South Florida , we conduct these examinations and cleanings, assisting our patients to obtain and then maintain the best oral health. During an oral examination, we will check for gum disease, decay or damage. A part of every oral examination also includes oral-cancer screening.

What You Need To Know About Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is regarded as a chronic health issue which has an impact on how your mouth functions along with your overall-wellbeing and quality-of-life. Cancer can affect any part of your mouth. This includes, the palate, lips, cheeks, gums, floor, tongue and the back part of your mouth close to the throat entrance. This particular condition on average affects more than 40,000 Americans each year. Cancer can have a negative effect on the more basic functions associated with the mouth, which can include your capabilities of speaking and eating. If not diagnosed early enough and treated, it usually spreads and could result in fatality. Detecting oral cancer early along with the necessary treatments is vital when it comes to restoring your health.

Risk Factors Associated With Oral Cancer

There are various risk factors which can increase your risks of contracting oral cancer. A few of these risks are controllable, while others are out of your control:

Lifestyle Habits: There are a few lifestyle habits that include drinking and smoking that can significantly increase the risks of contracting oral cancer. Tobacco products and cigarettes contain several harmful chemicals. The people that smoke constitute for around 90% of the oral-cancer patients. In addition, people who drink alcohol excessively make-up around 70 to 80% of the oral-cancer patients. If you happen to drink and smoke your risk of contracting this disease increase exponentially.

Age: Older adults also happen to be at an increased risk.

HPV: HPV known as Human Papilloma Virus comes in numerous strains. Some of these strains are also linked to increasing the risks associated with oral cancer.

Genetics: If a direct family member has had oral cancer, your risk factors also increase.

Screening For Oral Cancer

Symptoms Of Oral Cancer

When conducting an oral examination, our exam extends further than just checking on your gums and teeth. We also examine the tissues inside your mouth, and the outside of the mouth to check for any symptoms associated with oral cancer. However, it is important that you know about these symptoms and what you should be looking out for. The typical symptoms associated with oral cancer will include white or red patches on the oral tissues, unusual growths, sores that are not healing, trouble speaking, swallowing or chewing, a change to your bite or numbness in the area of the jaw.

The Diagnosis And Treatment Plan For Oral Cancer

Oral cancer needs to be detected as early on as possible in order to increase the likelihood of removing the cancer, so you can return to an oral state of health. To diagnosis this disease accurately a thorough examination is necessary. This involves a visual inspection of the inside of the mouth, the neck and face along with X-rays. A biopsy is also a typical procedure to diagnosis oral cancer. The biopsies are what will confirm or rule-out the presence of oral cancer. Once a definitive diagnosis has been made, we are then able to start the treatment. These treatments might involve the removal of the lesions in your mouth. However, in some cases a more invasive treatment may be required.

Oral cancers are regarded as serious conditions that should be diagnosed as well as treated as quickly as possible. If you have noticed any of the above-mentioned symptoms, between your regular prevention appointments, don’t hesitate to call Family Dentistry of South Florida on (954)480-9488.


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