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What Are Mouth Guards ?

If you are constantly experiencing chronic headaches and jaw pain, and pain relievers aren't really doing anything, then you might have bruxism. It is a condition that usually occurs at night and you don't have control over it. This can lead to a decline in oral health.

Family Dentistry of South Florida takes oral health serious and your well-being is the utmost important. This is why we offer patients night guards. They can help issues that are related to bruxism.


Bruxism is described as clenching and grinding your teeth. It can happen throughout the day, but this is when you can stop yourself from doing it because you're awake and aware. At night, you don't really have the same level of control over it. This is why you could end up putting pressure on the teeth while you are sleeping.

Oral health issues can arise as a result of bruxism. Some of these issues include both facial muscle and jaw pain. Others includes receding gums, headaches, TMD and excess wear of the teeth. Losing teeth and a more prevalence rate of tooth decay are other oral health issues that can arise as a result of bruxism.

What Causes The Condition

Stress can cause your muscles to tense up, and this includes the muscles in your jaw and face. Anxiety and stress can even affect you while you're sleeping. This leads to pressure being placed on your teeth.

The condition can also be caused by various sleep disorders, including sleep apnea. Others include misaligned teeth and stimulants. If you take caffeine and other stimulants, then you could be at risk of experiencing bruxism.


Night Guards

There are a few lifestyle changes you can make to treat bruxism, but sometimes these changes are not sufficient enough. One way you can put an end to the condition is by wearing night guards, which is a device that is placed over the top teeth. Think of a night guard as being a soft shield that cushions your teeth when you start to grind your teeth.

Night guards are made from molds of your mouth. Doing this allows the night guard to fit nicely in place and it will keep your jaw aligned. This may not make you stop clenching and grinding your teeth, but they do serve as a cushion that can give your jaw the break it needs. In turn, you will be preventing a lot of potential damage to your teeth.

NTI Night Guards

We also have NTI night guards, which are small and they are created specifically for individual patients. They are worn over the top of your front two teeth and this could help put an end to bruxism. The reason why is because your lower molars and upper molars will not be able to make contact. If you find yourself waking up with pain due to bruxism, then consider getting an NTI night guard.

If you wear your night guard regularly and you keep them in good condition, then they will help you reduce pressure that bruxism causes while you sleep. Waking up with jaw pain, headaches and facial pain is not fun, therefore it's a good idea to take action and contact us as soon as possible to schedule an appointment. The sooner you contact us, the sooner you can receive treatment and the sooner you can get rid of bruxism.

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