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Fluoride Treatments And Dental Sealants

Fluoride treatments and sealants play a critical role in preventing tooth decay. Oral bacteria produce acids which cause tooth decay as these acids eat lingering food particles and sugars. We here at Family Dentistry of South Florida are dedicated to doing whatever we can to assist you in fighting against tooth decay and offering fluoride treatments and sealants. The treatments are frequently given to young children, to help protect them during their most cavity-prone and vulnerable years. However, adults can get the treatments also. They are beneficial for people of all ages.

Dental Sealants

There are cusps on your molars. And there are deep crevices in the middle of the cusps, which are an ideal place for food you consume to get stuck in as you are chewing. In addition, they are the ideal hide place for bacteria. Due to how deep the crevices are, your toothbrush's bristles are unable to reach down to the very bottom, even when you brush very thoroughly. Sealants, which are comprised of materials such as plastic, are applied in order close the crevices off and make a surface that your toothbrush can easily access.

Getting sealants is a completely painless and quick process. Our dentist will thoroughly clean and dry your teeth. Then an acidic gel gets applied so that a rough surface is created for the sealant material to adhere to. Then the gel gets cleaned off and your teeth are dried once again. Finally, the sealant gets applied to the teeth and a blue light is used to dry them.

Despite the materials that are used, sealants can withstand normal wear and chewing forces, even those associated with bruxism. They can last several years, and can also be reapplied easily if necessary.

Dental Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride is essential for having healthy teeth. It works to keep your teeth's enamel strong to fight against bacteria and acids. There is fluoride in your teeth, but they lose some of this mineral every day. That is why replacing the mineral, or remineralization is important. Although you receive fluoride from the water supply (it is added, and then the levels are regulated if you have city or town water), and in fluoridated toothpaste as well, they are fairly low levels. That is why we provide fluoride treatments.

Fluoride treatments are very simple. The process involves applying a gel with mineral in it to your teeth. The gel absorbs into the teeth so that is why itis very important to not drink, eat or rinse for a half an hour at least after the treatment, to get the maximum benefits from it. They are particularly beneficial for children, even those who do not have their permanent teeth yet. The fluoride keeps the enamel on the baby teeth strong and collects on the gums to protect their permanent teeth against bacterial acid attacks once they emerge.

Flouride treatments are equally beneficial for adults and children, just like sealants are. Flouride helps with protecting and rebuilding your teeth's enamel, to keep acid attacks under control. Also, they are especially helpful for people who suffer from conditions that are compromising and might increase the risk of getting tooth decay. For example, dry mouth is caused by some medications, which can turn your mouth into an attractive breeding place for bacteria. In addition, it helps people who wear braces or have other kinds of dental appliances such as crowns or bridges.

Fluoride and sealants are very important tools for fighting against tooth decay. So if you want to schedule an appointment for those treatments or have any questions, please call us .

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